The Dane is a skeptic, because Denmark’s history is the story of the downfall of a powerful tribe - Johannes V Jensen
I’m not usually a sunset sharer - but it was a fine way to end a day of strolling and snapping in that there London. (at Royal Observatory Greenwich)
Watching the world away, #Copenhagen
There’s a new strap in town. #Gordy #CameraStrap #Fuji #100S
1am landing in #Vaasa, Finland. Totally disorientated.
Miscalculated rock climbing in #Denmark.
Back by popular demand: Bleak Belgian Railways (at Gent St Pieters - Belgium)
A change of perception never hurt anyone.
I do enjoy a good, bleak Belgian railway station.
The Danish Parliament (aka Borgen) is basically just an art gallery where the occasional politicking goes on.
Let’s hear it for the happy couple in the Brussels summer sun!
Go out and find some unexpected beauty in your neighbourhood today - no matter how simple it may be.
Race day- let’s do this! (at Stockholm Olympic Stadium)
Instax Fridays.
Friday night change of role: sorry, the ice cream’s all gone now.