Mermaid’s-eye-view. #Copenhagen, 2014.
No trip to London is complete without an afternoon people watching in the British Museum.
Collections have got to start somewhere. #Ghent, 2014
Watching me, watching you. #Copenhagen
The Dane is a skeptic, because Denmark’s history is the story of the downfall of a powerful tribe - Johannes V Jensen
I’m not usually a sunset sharer - but it was a fine way to end a day of strolling and snapping in that there London. (at Royal Observatory Greenwich)
Watching the world away, #Copenhagen
There’s a new strap in town. #Gordy #CameraStrap #Fuji #100S
1am landing in #Vaasa, Finland. Totally disorientated.
Miscalculated rock climbing in #Denmark.
Back by popular demand: Bleak Belgian Railways (at Gent St Pieters - Belgium)
A change of perception never hurt anyone.
I do enjoy a good, bleak Belgian railway station.